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2018 Supplement

   (1913 to 2018)
Australian Antarctic Territory
   (1957 to 2018)
Australian States
   (1850 to 1901)
Christmas Island
   (1958 to 2018)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
   (1963 to 2018)
Norfolk Island
   (1947 to 2018)

British Commonwealth
   (QV to KGVI)
Great Britain
   (1840 to 2018)
New Zealand
   (1855 to 2018)
   (1868 to 2018)

   (1853 to 1959)
French Colonies
   (1880 to 1965)
   (1861 to 2018)
Italy (Fiume)
   (1918 to 1924)
Italy (Trieste)
   (1947 to 1954)
Portuguese Colonies
   (1868 to 1951)
United States
   (1883 to 2017)

Chinese Empire & Republic of China
   (1878 to 1949)
Chinese Provinces
   (1915 to 1948)
Peoples Republic of China
   (1949 to 2018)
   (1932 to 1945)
Japanese Occupation of China
   (1937 to 1945)
   (1949 to 2017)

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About Us

Following my retirement, I resumed stamp collecting in the manner I started at 8 years of age. Unfortunately, I was unable to afford the albums so decided to produce my own. This was most satisfactory and I have been selling them to many customers both on EBay and my own website for over 6 years. In this way I have been able to satisfy a need of traditional stamp collectors for a professionally produced stamp album without the additional expense of non-standard sized pages. These albums can be printed on a standard printer using A4 pages.
The stamp albums are supplied as PDF file after your payment has been processed by PayPal. Simply download, save and print on your own paper.